Why Radial Tyres?

What is TyreLife?

TYRELIFE, is a wing of BhoKtum Management, dedicated to provide Innovative solutions & services for Tyres.

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How Is Your Tyre Condition?

What is eTyreLife?

eTyreLife, is a web-based Tyre Management Software to track location and longevity of truck & Bus tyres of your whole fleet across multiple service locations.

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eTyreLife, as Software As A Service (SAAS):

No software to install. Log into your account from any place. Ease of use, rapid deployment and no upfront investment, plus a reduction in software management responsibility.

What do I get with eTyreLife?

With the cost of a Tyre exceeding hundreds of dollars, Large Fleets do spend many millions of dollars each year. eTyreLife provides critical information management that can assist you in reducing your Tyre costs significantly.


  • Maximum Life For Every Tyre.


  • Reduce CO2
  • Save Fuel


  • Increase Tyre Life span
  • Increase Fuel efficiency
  • Increase Business efficiency


  • History record management
  • Accident prevention


  • Know which Tyre Brand and which Tread Pattern is best for your vehicle.

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