eTyreLife: Overview

eTyreLife, is a web-based Tyre Management Software to track location and longevity of Truck & Bus tyres of your whole fleet across multiple service locations. Application comes in Software As A Solution (SAAS) mode enabling you with a host of benefits using cutting edge latest technology.

  • With eTyreLife you can control and identify the usage, Tyre-wear and mileage of every Tyre.

    • Control over Tyre performance
    • Reduce costs
    • Record of all Tyre positions
    • Optimize usage
    • Prevent downtime
    • Replacement projection
  • With eTyreLife , you can control the usage and cost of tyres. eTyreLife will allow you to produce replacement projection and prevent downtime.

    • Vehicle & Tyre inventory monitoring facility,
    • Monitor entire life cycle of every Tyre (performance and cost)
      • New, ReGroove, ReTread, Scrap,
    • Tyre Inspection and Data recording with Smart Phone or Tablet device cuts paperwork and gives real-time instant data,
    • Access to data and Reports Anytime, Anywhere,
    • Compare cost per KM(CPK) across Tyre brands/types,
    • Reduction in fuel, inspection & operating cost,
    • Focuses on getting Maximum Life from every Tyre.
    • Nothing to Install or Set up
      • 100% web-based. There is nothing for you to install, set up, maintain or worry about anything technical,
    • Simple and minimum training required,
    • Tracks the location and history of every tyre,
    • Ensures regular inspection of tread depth and tyre pressure to maximize tyre life,
    • Compare tyre wear rates across vehicles, tread patterns and tyre manufacturers,
    • Tracks all tyre movements and inspections for whole life of every tyre,
    • Represents tyre location by graphical representation of the vehicle configuration,
    • Automatic calculation of recommended air pressure based on load and Tyre position.

If you want to stay profitable through low cost-per-kilometer, Tyres are one of your highest operating costs in your Fleet maintenance. It’s imperative to track your numbers with eTyreLife.